Better Yourself

Therapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is normal. Most people are anxious from time to time. Though anxiety and stress can motivate people to change and grow, excessive anxiety can prevent one from living the life they want. Where does anxiety come from?

Anxiety is a universal response to many unrealized emotions such as fear, sadness, or anger. Whatever the reason for your anxiety, it is never too late to learn how to overcome it.

In counseling, I will help you discover what you need, help you understand what patterns you may be repeating, and help you find new ways to take care of yourself so that you can manage life stressors with greater ease.

We can address a variety of issues and problems, including:

  • Depression, sadness and emptiness.
  • Anxiety and difficulties with coping.
  • Unhelpful repetitive patterns of relationships.
  • Difficulty in maintaining and sustaining satisfactory relationships.
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
  • A vague feeling something is wrong.
  • Irrational fears and feelings of panic.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Physical issues related to stress.
  • Consequences of being an adult survivor of childhood physical, sexual, emotional abuse.
  • Coming to terms with traumatic events.
  • Difficulty expressing and/or managing anger.
  • Suffering trauma and PTSD.
  • Life’s difficulties and struggles.