Men’s Issues

Traditionally, men are brought up to be strong and are encouraged to put up a wall around any sign of vulnerability. When men are unable to maintain this façade, they often feel bad, they shut down, and they hide their feelings. This can lead to defensive responses...

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Marriage Counselling

Married or common law, the issues tend to be the same. Married couples often have years of imbedded problems and issues that repeat, especially when one or the other is struggling with stress and difficult life situations. It is never too late to ask for help. In...

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Couples Counselling

I see all types of couples for all types of reasons. It is never too early to get support and guidance to better your relationships. Even when things are going well, relationships require a lot of attention to keep them on track. Whether you are in a relatively new...

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Depression comes in many forms. You may be feeling sad, unhappy, irritable, hopeless. You may be saying things to yourself such as, “I’m a failure”, “Just get on with it” or “What’s the point?” Are you angry with yourself and everything around you? Are you...

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Anxiety is normal. Most people are anxious from time to time. A healthy amount of anxiety and stress can motivate people to change and grow. But for many, excessive anxiety can prevent them from leading the lives they want. Where does anxiety come from? Anxiety is a...

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