Better Your Relationships

Couples Counselling with Tom Burton

I have a small couples counselling practice that I run alongside my individual practice. I work with a select few couples that have the motivation and desire to improve their relationship. I work with the couples that want to learn better skills for communication and want to overcome their individual blocks to better their relationship.

After a brief telephone call to determine if couples counselling with me is suitable, you book an initial 1hr and 45 minute session. I will send you a questionnaire to fill out and send back to me before we meet. After the initial couple session, I will see each party for an individual session and then the fourth session is a couple session. Here we decide the frequency of future couple sessions and talk about what will be required to better your relationship.

Note: I do not work with couples that are currently struggling with infidelity, drug abuse or alcohol dependency, or violence.

Couples Counselling

I see all types of couples for all types of reasons. It is never too early to get support and guidance to better your relationships. Even when things are going well, relationships require a lot of attention to keep them on track. Whether you are in a relatively new relationship and want to strengthen it for the long term or you are encountering recurring problems that are hard to resolve, couples counselling is a great way to improve the longevity of your relationship. Whatever sex or gender you and your partner are, all couples develop through stages of relationship, including a honeymoon phase, a time of emerging differences, a need for individual freedom and finally a stage where you find synergy together. In couples counselling, I will help you resolve conflict, help you problem solve your differences, and help you learn techniques to create a loving, long lasting relationship.

Marriage Counselling

Married or common law, the issues tend to be the same. Married couples can have years of imbedded problems and issues that repeat, especially when one or the other is struggling with stress and difficult life situations. It is never too late to ask for help. In marriage counselling, I will help you find solutions to better your relationship and create a deeper love that is irreplaceable, intimate and caring.

Premarital Counselling

I help you prepare for a long-lasting relationship. Every couples goes through developmental stages and requires good communication and listening skills to move through these stages. I will suggest topics such as financing, sex, family, parenting, and career, using a model of communication that helps both the speaker and the listener. As speaker, you will learn more about yourself; as the listener, you will learn how to deeply understand and accept the speaker’s experience and values, even if you disagree with them. Together you will create a clear vision of the relationship. From there you can work as a team to create the life you both want.