Better Yourself

Therapy for Depression

Depression comes in many forms. You may be feeling sad, unhappy, irritable, hopeless. You may be saying things to yourself such as, “I’m a failure”, “Just get on with it” or “What’s the point?” Are you angry with yourself and everything around you? Are you self-critical, so much so that you lack enthusiasm, motivation, and self-esteem?

Whatever the type of depression you are experiencing, I can help you. In therapy, I will help you find the words to express what you are going through, I will help you discover and understand the sources of your emotions, and I will help you develop new strategies for processing your feelings.

We can address a variety of issues and problems, including:

  • Depression, sadness and emptiness.
  • Anxiety and difficulties with coping.
  • Unhelpful repetitive patterns of relationships.
  • Difficulty in maintaining and sustaining satisfactory relationships.
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
  • A vague feeling something is wrong.
  • Irrational fears and feelings of panic.
  • Grief and loss.
  • Physical issues related to stress.
  • Consequences of being an adult survivor of childhood physical, sexual, emotional abuse.
  • Coming to terms with traumatic events.
  • Difficulty expressing and/or managing anger.
  • Suffering trauma and PTSD.
  • Life’s difficulties and struggles.