Depression comes in many forms. You may be feeling sad, unhappy, irritable, hopeless. You may be saying things to yourself such as, “I’m a failure”, “Just get on with it” or “What’s the point?” Are you angry with yourself and everything around you? Are you self-critical, so much so that you lack enthusiasm, motivation and self-esteem? Depression can cause you to withdraw from others and from situations, prevent you from doing what needs to get done, and can even lead to substance abuse. When severe, depression may even make you consider ending your life because the pain is so great. Where does depression come from? Depression can be a novel response to a devastating life situation. Or it may be a recurring familiar pattern, dating back to your early years as a response to uncomfortable and unbearable feelings. Perhaps one or both or your parents experienced depression and were shut down emotionally. Therapy is one way, often in conjunction with medication, to deal with negative and self-destructive feelings, thoughts and behaviours. Whatever the type of depression you are experiencing, I can help you. In therapy, I will help you find the words to express what you are going through, I will help you discover and understand the sources of your emotions, and I will help you develop new strategies for processing your feelings. Together, we will rediscover the person you are.